AUVA Skin care is composed of a unique and comprehensive range of skin care products for different age groups,AUVA’s highly qualified active ingredients are then developed through scientific studies using very specific dosage levels, thus demonstrating their real effectiveness AUVA’s ethos is to provide focus on one’s self, the brand is about self-preservation by giving the clients a way to transform their skin and their lives.AUVA aims to offer high quality products at affordable prices, focusing on the health conscious individuals providing an aid to the people who live bold, healthy lives filled with joy and freedom.

Our confidence building range consists of:

Creams that locks in moisture and boosts cell production, Cleansing Milk which cleans and hydrates even the most sensitive skin. A Serum that helps to keep your skin looking youthful for longer and a mild Face Wash that removes all traces of makeup, oil and dirt whilst leaving your skin soft and supple.

AUVA aims to transform the induvial through providing pure beauty and confidence for less. The mission of AUVA is to make our valuable clients to feel beautiful and self-confident. Our products are being developed to give you a real daily pleasure. As such, the luxuriousness of textures, creative design of bottles and freshness of ingredients become additional tools in the endless power of AUVA.

Our products are Paraben and allergen free, making them suitable for all skin types. They offer solutions without side effects to guarantee overall daily well-being.

AUVA Commitments

Our products are suitable for all skin types & based on natural active ingredients.

  • Most of our products are Paraben & allergen free

  • Active ingredients selectively chosen through scientific/efficacy studies.

  • Our ranges comply with European Cosmetic Regulations,

  • Our manufacturing processes meet the highest manufacturing standards according to the Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices



We have the pleasure to introduce you our company as one of the Italian leading manufacturer of Natural and Organic Certified Cosmetics products.

We are well- established on the Italian and Foreign Market and our quality has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and we are proud of the achievement.

We have been manufacturing Organic Certified cosmetics for pharmacy. Natural Shops, perfumeries, beauty salons and sports centers for 40 years. We are proud to say that we can offer more than 300 different certified organic products.

A real virtual boutique dedicated entirely to eco chic, where you can find complete lines for face and body, hands and hair, scrubs and masks for women, men, kids and pets. Also, you can find solar products such as creams and tanning accelerators, and products for the health of the face, body, hands, legs and feet.

Eco Organic Products

Our products are:

  • Products 100% natural origin

  • Using extracts from certified organic agriculture

  • Extracts pure solvent


  • Without synthetic preservatives

  • Without dyes

  • Without Parabens (PEG, PPG, etc. ..)

  • Without Alcohol

  • Without SLS / SLES (natural surfactants)

  • Products not tested on animals

  • No animal substances or derivatives

  • NO OGM

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Microbiologically tested

  • Tested Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt to minimize the risk of skin allergies.

The products have Bema Cosmetici ICEA (Environmental Ethics Certification Institute) which guarantees the protection of human health and the environment in which it lives being ensured the presence of raw materials of natural origin and reducing the environmental impact.

Bema Cosmetici does not make any experiments on animals and do not use raw materials tested on them.

Through natural cosmetics, not only it gets good to your body, but also to the environment!


On its eternal quest for timeless beauty, the Essence of Oceanic Gold is a long history of creating luxurious, unparalleled skincare. From its early days in Australia to its gradual and steady expansion in India, USA and around the globe, this label has never stopped whisking people away with its natural approach to beauty and magical collections. The story of this house is to show you that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Why Choose Oceanic Gold Skin Care ?...

Well, here are 7 good reasons why...

100% PURE Manuka Honey Active 20+

Manuka honey is nature's most potent revitalising compound, The rich mahogany honey created from New Zealand Manuka tree blossoms has proven anti-bacterial properties and contains powerful proteins that protect, nourish and heal your skin. It also regenerates your skin cells, improves skin elasticity and assits with collagen production to a healthier glowing skin.

Oceanic Gold Manuka Honey Skin products are the purest available at Bio Active 20+.

Botanical Ingredients

Botanical ingredients are derived from plants and include extracts from the roots, seeds, leaves and flowers. Plant materials are very similar to skin, both are very complex in nature so the two compliment each other and are better accepted by the skin. Australian native plants have high levels of effective antioxidants which fight off free radicals and protect your skin from the effects of aging, and helps in keeping your skin looking healthier and younger

Sulfate and Paraben Free

Sulfates and Parabens are big no - no's. They are synthetics which can mimic and interfere with hormones as they enter your body through your skin when you use them in your products. It can potentially damage the Lipid layer of your skin and cause dryness and irritation. It can also be endocrime disrupters. All our products are 100% Sulfate and Paraben free.

Not Tested on Animals

We are strongly against testing on animals so we never have and never will.

Australian Made

We are 100% Australian Made and owned.

No synthetic fragrances and artificial colors.

All of our products contain only naturally derived light fragrances and naturally occurring colors. We do not use any type of synthetic fragrances or artificial colors on any of our products

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