Tvam Hibiscus Chamomile Foot Cream repairs and soothes dry, cracked heels. Hibiscus works to moisturize the feet and chamomile has anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic properties to reduce irritants on the skin.

TVAM Foot Cream Hibiscus Chamomile (50gms)

  • Turmeric(Haldi)-0.1%, Saffron Ext(Kesar)-0.3%, Grape Seed Oil(Draksh Bej Tel)-0.5%,Carrotseed Oil-0.5%, Arjuna Bark Ext-1.2%, Chamomile Ext-1.5%, Wheatgerm Oil-2%, Hibiscus Ext(Gudhal)-2%, Nutmeg(Jaiphal)-2%, Liquorice Ext(Yashtimadhu)-2%, Almond Oil(Badam Oil)-2%, Olive Oil(Jaitun Tel)-2.2.%, Aloe Vera Ext(Ghrit Kumari)-3%, Kokum Butter(Vrikshamla)-4%, Isopropyl Myristate-Q.S, Vegetable Glycerine-1.5%, Comfrey Ext-1.5%, Goat Milk-1.5%, Shea Butter-6%, Cream Base-Q.S, Purified Water-Q.S Preservatives:Sodium Benzoate-Q.S,Potassium Sorbate-Q.S, Benzyl Alcohol-Q.S

  • Wash and dry your feet, preferably with lukewarm water and apply the foot cream all over the feet twice daily, once in the morning after bath and before going to bed in the night and spread gently.

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